Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NHL 2012: Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals

2011: An alternate jersey is unveiled. It is navy, with the "weagle" logo as the crest. The shoulder patches are simply stars. An interesting stitching design is used on the nameplates, using red stitching on the navy nameplates.

2012: The Caps take the ice in new home and road uniforms. A somewhat modern design with stars is used, the logos remain the same. A red alternate jersey featuring the old eagle logo is also released, but not worn often.

All 30 teams have now been unveiled, stay tuned for bonus concepts, including the All Star Game and NHL Rivalry Series.


  1. I LOVE this design! Keep up the good work Bmac!

  2. These are awesome designs! However, I kinda think there's too much blue in the away uniform. I would changed the wrist and waist plates to red, with the stars white, with a navy blue outline.

  3. the first one (both red and white) at the top is fresh to death! I'd buy one for sure if they were available. Those two are my favorites of the four. The Weagle one is kind of ehh, and the last red one is a little odd in that it mixes the old and new, which I like. I wouldn't buy one, but they look nice.