Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms

The Oregon Ducks football team has come out with yet another set of new football uniforms. The newest set includes a wing design on the shoulders of each jersey. The Ducks now have 4 jerseys: green, black, yellow, and two different whites. These can be paired with 3 pants: green, black, and steel (gray/silver) and 4 helmets: green, black, white, and steel. The new helmets feature an interesting design.


The LSU Tigers won the NCAA College Baseball Championship in Omaha. They defeated Texas twice in a best of three series to win the College World Series championship. This is the sixth title for LSU and the first for head coach Paul Mainieri.

Monday, June 22, 2009

UNO Mavericks Logo Concept

I made a new logo for the Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks. It is a new logo that would be worn on an alternate hockey jersey. It is the Maverick head logo in a circle with lettering around it. The new alternate jersey might be posted later. Enjoy!

Cleveland Indians Concept: Part Three

Part Three: Uniforms

The new uniforms I put together for the Indians use the new logos and new colors. The home white has the new Indians script on the chest, and the updated Chief Wahoo on the shoulder. The road is the similar to the home, only with Cleveland across the chest and an all-navy cap. The first alternate is a sleeveless white jersey with the new Chief Wahoo logo on the chest. The interlocking CI logo would be on the navy undershirts worn with this jersey. The second alternate is navy with the new Indians script. It can be worn at home or on the road with any cap. Also, a new alternate cap with the new C logo can be worn with any uniform.

Enjoy my Cleveland Indians concept!

Cleveland Indians Concept: Part Two

Part Two: Logo Sheet

With the updated Chief Wahoo logo complete, I then put together a logo package for the Indians. Included are four logos, the updated Chief Wahoo, the brand-new interlocking CI logo, the brand-new Cleveland Indians script, and the modified block C logo. All were made using the new colors.

Cleveland Indians Concept: Part One

Last week, I finished my Cleveland Indians concept for my MLB series. I will post all of my work. Enjoy!

Part One: Updated Chief Wahoo Logo

The Indians' Chief Wahoo logo is one of the most iconic in major league baseball. It has been around for a long time and is classic. However, I came up with a few ways to "modernize" Chief Wahoo without losing the classic look. As with any of my concepts, I started with the colors. The Indians current colors are dark blue and red. I changed them to navy and dark red. Next, I simplified Chief Wahoo. I removed some lines, added some curves, did some basic cleaning up. Finally, I added a thicker navy outline around the logo to make it stand out more. The image I posted shows a comparison of the current logo (the before) and my version of the logo (after).

Favre Already Signed with Vikings?

Brett Favre has been contemplating coming out of retirement to join the Minnesota Vikings, my favorite team. We have all heard rumors circulating about different things that may or may not signal his return. Today, the Favre status is that he has already signed a contract with the Vikings. If this is ture, I think the Vikes have a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

CWS Uniform Recap, Part Six

Number six: Arizona St. The Devils had some great uniforms this year. Twice we saw the great gray jerseys with the classic Devils script. They wore the home whites with the AS logo on the chest one game. But the far were the throwbacks worn against Texas. They were maroon pullovers with all yellow caps, ,white pants, and of course, stirrups.

CWS Uniform Recap, Part Five

Now up: Arkansas. The Razorbacks lasted a few more games than people may have thought they would, yet the uniforms they wore should not have. In my opinion, these were the worst unis in Omaha this year. The home whites and alternate maroons were both worn, both with maroon caps and white pants. The jerseys feature a unique shoulder design. I hope these jerseys don't return to Omaha.

CWS Uniform Recap, Part Four

Next up: North Carolina. UNC has many different jerseys and caps to choose from, yet they only wore two different combos. Game one featured the regular home unis. White sleeveless with the Carolina script. The white caps with light blue bills were worn. For games two and three, the Heels wore their alternate light blue jerseys. These feature a newer Carolina script and were worn with the white hats. Also, UNC wore white helmets, which match the caps, for the second and third time in school history while in Omaha.

CWS Uniform Recap, Part Three

Now up: Virginia. Another team making their first trip to Omaha, the Cavs played three games. In all three games, Virginia wore their regular home uniforms. The jerseys feature a classic script. They were worn with the navy caps with orange bills. Somewhat disappointing to only see one uniform, but they looked good.

CWS Uniform Recap, Part Two

Next up: Southern Miss. USM made it's first ever trip to Omaha this year, only playing two games. In game one we saw the Eagles' regular road uniforms. They were worn with the black cap with the interlocking USM logo. For game two, USM wore their yellow alternates. They were worn with the black caps and white pants.

College World Series Uniform Recap

As the 2009 College World Series comes to a close, I will recap the uniforms that made an appearance in Omaha for each team. A picture or two for each of the eight teams will be posted.

Starting with Cal St. Fullerton. CSF had a short stay in Omaha. They went 2 and out. In game one we saw their regular home pinstripes. The navy cap was worn with it. Game two for the Titans was the navy road alternate with the Fullerton script. This was worn with the navy cap and gray pinstriped pants.

The CWS Championship Series Hats

Here they are, as described earlier, LSU and Texas!

Special Hat of the Week!

This weeks Hat of the Week has already been posted. However, there is a special occasion, calling for a special Hat of the Week. This week, the College World Series Championship is being played in my hometown Omaha, Nebraska. In honor of the championship, my best hat from each team in the championship will be displayed. The two teams: LSU and Texas.

LSU: This hat is purple with a white front panel. It features the interlocking LSU logo on the white panel. On the back is a Tigers script. The hat is a stretch mesh material. The size is medium/large. I got it about a week ago at the College World Series.

Texas: This hat is white with an orange bill. The Texas T logo is on the front. On the viewers left side is the Nike logo, and on the right is the Texas state flag logo. On the back is a logo with the longhorn in the state of Texas. This is a mesh 7 1/4 hat. I got it a few years ago at Scheels to replace my old size 7 Longhorns hat.

Enjoy these hats and the Championship Series!

Hat of the Week: Minnesota Twins home hat

This week, the first ever hat of the week, is my favorite MLB team, the Minnesota Twins. This week's hat is the Twins navy home hat with the TC logo. I got this hat last summer in Minnesota at the Mall of America. It replaced my old TC hat from when I was young. Like most of my hats, it is size 7 1/4. It is the official on field cap of the Minnesota Twins.

Hat of the Week

Hat of the Week! Each week, I will share one of my many hats. Every week I will post a new picture of a different hat and say a few things about it. Enjoy Bmac's Hat of the Week!

My New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! I will share whatever is on my mind each day. Hopefully I can post some of my concepts for sports logos and uniforms. I might even share my collection of hats, jerseys, and other stuff. Enjoy!