Friday, November 19, 2010


I hear quite a bit about what might happen in the world of sports logos and uniforms. Sometimes these things end up happening, and I am fortunate to get an early look at them. Other times, they turn out to be simply speculation or rumors.

Today someone claimed the Minnesota Twins are getting a new road alternate jersey. This doesn't seem too likely, but it is possible. Of course, I wouldn't give up an opportunity to mock up a potential uniform for my favorite baseball team...

I got a chance to see the Cleveland Indians' and Washington Nationals' new uniforms long before everyone else, but this time there isn't much hard proof. By the way, I like the changes, Cleveland looks okay. I prefer they keep things more consistent, but it still looks good.

PS- keep a look out for the new MLB Batting Practice uniforms as well!


  1. Out of curiousity, how/where do you get to see these things ahead of time? If you can't share I understand completely. Really cool stuff though.

  2. Nice looks with Cleveland. Teams that pay homage to their pasts by sprinkling in those retro tributes are quickly appreciated by fans.