Monday, November 8, 2010

Purple Reign

Guess what? The Vikings won another football game! Unfortunately, wining hasn't been a common experience this season for my favorite team. Brett Favre has been...well...old. Sidney Rice hasn't played a single game yet. Randy Moss didn't work out. The season has been really disappointing so far. Yesterday, the Vikings won just their 3rd game of the season, beating the Arizona Cardinals 27-24. What was the key to success you ask? Purple pants.

Seriously. Some of the players wanted to break out the purple pants for good luck, saying they wanted to start fresh. The last time Minnesota went all-purple: 2007 against the Bears. Ok, so the pants themselves may not have physically won the game. They didn't throw touchdowns or kick field goals. But the guys wearing them did.

Hopefully a win means the purple pants will stick around. Perhaps we won't see them at home again, but they sure as heck better be worn on the road. I have been saying for years now that the Vikings should wear purple pants on the road. The white-on-white look can be saved for a road alternate. Please Vikings, wear the purple pants on the road. At least once.

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