Saturday, September 4, 2010

Game Day in Lincoln

There is absolutely nothing like game day in Lincoln, Nebraska. All eyes are on the Huskers. During Nebraska home football games, Memorial Stadium becomes the 3rd largest city in the state. People from across the state flock to Lincoln, and those back in their home towns are sure to watch or listen to the game. The atmosphere in Lincoln is incredible, and it is even better inside Memorial Stadium.

This season looks to be a promising one for the Cornhuskers. Sure, Suh is gone, but the defense is still strong. Hopefully the offense can come through. The Huskers hope to beat up one the Big 12 before leaving for the Big Ten. Nebraska opens today against Western Kentucky.

Oh by the way, the Huskers got new uniforms. Modified jerseys anyway. The common fan may not notice any difference, but a uniform nerd such as myself certainly does. The sleeve numbers have been moved to the shoulder, and the stripes have been adjusted slightly. The biggest difference is actually the collar. The Adidas logo is on a new red panel behind the collar, a completely new look for Nebraska. The new collar design is probably the most modern part of their uniforms.

PS- I really, really want to see the Huskers wear throwbacks again...

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