Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 NFL Alternates and Throwbacks

We all know the classic, traditional NFL uniforms out there. Most fans don't want teams like the Oakland Raiders, Chicago Bears or Dallas Cowboys to change uniforms. There are also the more modern designs that teams wear well. The Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers have had solid, consistent looks since their beginnings. And of course, there is everything in between.

What about alternate uniforms? Alternates are often seen as a way to break loose from tradition, or at least from the team's regular look. Many teams use throwback designs. Others have a different colored version of the regular jerseys.

Here is a look at some of this year's alternates and throwbacks:

The Arizona Cardinals unveiled a black version of their regular home and road jerseys. The pants even have matching black stripes.

It looks ok, but a bit like the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons, meanwhile, introduced a new alternate logo.

ATL apparently sells well in Atlanta. And, from what I have heard, the Falcons' throwback jerseys from last season could be worn again this year, although there are no dates listed yet.

The Chicago Bears are wearing throwbacks this season. We will get a look back to the Bears of the 1940's. I like them...a lot.

Green Bay is also throwing-back. The Pack will wear uniforms of the 1929 club, complete with the numbers-in-a-circle.

For once, the Colts have an alternate jersey...sort of. Throwbacks to the 1955 team, as it has been...55 years. I like the blue helmets.

More throwbacks, this time for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles will wear throwbacks from 1960. Ah yes, kelly green returns.

Enough alternates for you? Those are just the new ones for this season. Don't forget...

Ravens black jerseys
Bills throwbacks
Panthers light blue jerseys
Bengals orange jerseys
Cowboys thanksgiving throwbacks...?
Broncos orange jerseys
Texans red jerseys
Vikings throwbacks
Steelers throwbacks
Chargers powder blue jerseys
Titans navy jerseys

...and possibly a few more throwbacks. Let's not even get into possible alternate jersey/pants combinations.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of alternate and throwback uniforms. Some of them, like Dallas' white helmets and the big white shoulders or San Diego's powder blue, I want to be permanent uni's and some are fun to see every once in a while. I really like those old Indianapolis uniforms as well.

    My favorite uniforms belong to my favorite team, the Panthers, and I hope they manage to stick around for a long time. The light blue jerseys are my favorites, but I also really like the black jersey's as well.