Monday, January 7, 2013

Grading the WCHA Uniforms: Alaska Anchorage

I will be posting a critique and grade of the hockey uniforms of the WCHA teams. Each of the 12 teams will be graded, in alphabetical order. There will be five categories, awarded points with a maximum of 10. A total out of 50 will be multiplied by two to get a total score out of 100.

Alaska Anchorage Seawolves

Alaska Anchorage gets limited coverage on the national level compared to the other WCHA teams. Yet in my opinion, they have a fantastic uniform set that deserves to be seen. The home and road jerseys feature the abstract seawolf logo as the primary crest. I'm not the biggest fan of said logo, but it's kind of neat and I find it to be a nice change of pace compared to the modern logos of today. Green helmets and breezers are worn with both jerseys.

The white homes are very sharp, green-heavy with the shoulder yoke, and classic triple striping on the sleeves and hems. I'm not completely sold on the number font, but it works.

The road green jersey matches the home white, reversing the colors. The white shoulder yoke offsets what would be a very green-heavy look on the road. The numbers work a little better on the green jersey than the white, and the overall look is solid.

The Seawolves' alternate jersey is where they lose me. It is a white jersey featuring 'Seawolves' diagonally down the front. I'm not against the concept, but I don't care for the font they chose. It is the same font as the numbers, which makes perfect sense, but I would have rather seen them go with a more retro look, using block-based numbers and letters. The jersey design is extremely basic, but somewhat unique. The color balance isn't great, far to much green compared to yellow. Unfortunately, this look is way too bland, and falls short for me.

Overall, I am a fan of Alaska Anchorage's look on the ice. The logo could use a slight upgrade but the home and road set is solid. I'd rather see something different for the alternate.

Logos/Crests: 7/10
Fonts/Numbers: 7/10
Home Design: 8/10
Road Design: 8/10
Alternate Design: 5/10

Total: 35/50

Score: 70

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