Monday, July 5, 2010

NHL 2012 Project

I have been working on this project, NHL 2012, for quite some time now, and I am finally ready to start posting some of the teams. NHL 2012 is a project I put together that takes a look at how teams might look in a few years. I have done a lot of research on NHL uniform trends and marketing over the years, as well as gathered information about possible upcoming changes for this project. In time for the 2012 NHL season, the league expands it's rules to allow teams to have a 4th jersey. This is mostly for marketing purposes. There are several new trends and fads introduced during the next few years, things like wordmarks on the hems of jerseys and other little things like that.

Enjoy the project!

-And that NHL Logo is updated, as part of the project.


  1. Are these all confirmed changes in team uniforms for future seasons or are these just conceptual changes and wishful thinking for now?

  2. Except you don't know where East and West are on a map... why do people always do that backwards!?